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Friday, 20 September 2013

Project Wild Thing

An interesting project called 'Project Wild Thing' resulting from the rather shocking statistic that The roaming radius of British children — i.e.. the distance they wander from their home — has shrunk by 90 per cent in the last 30 years
It’s a disheartening statistic, but one that has inspired award-winning filmmaker David Bond, who, keen for future generations not to miss out on the magic of the great outdoors, dreamed up PROJECT WILD THING.
The film itself is only one part of Bond’s campaign, which enlists a number of scientists, nature experts, sociologists, as well as the National Trust, to set about selling nature to kids.
Conscious that it will take more than eulogising to prise them away from their TVs and games consoles, Bond also recruits a marketing team to lend their branding savvy and repackage the countryside.
A charming exercise in creative, socially-minded activism, PROJECT WILD THING is a grass-roots triumph.  From http://www.picturehouses.co.uk/film/Project_Wild_Thing/#.Ujt0VBR9-_Q.facebook
Relates to chapter 3 and the issue of play and risk taking in children's development and learning.

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